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Smash/marry/kill: The Men Of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood | Reality Tv News And Gossip

Smash Marry Kill Lead Or is it that we hate that we love .. [read more] them? Or maybe we think theyre fine and can get it external link but we cant deal with their broke a**es? Whatever it is weve got a complicated relationship with these dudes. To handle our distress weve put together our own little version of F/M/K http://aleidabraz.soup.io/post/477130222/Kim-Kardashians-Ample-Assets-On-Display-At thats Smash/Marry/Kill click through to see sexy pics of they guys and let us know if youd give it up, let him put a ring on it or murda his a**. How you doing? Play along!
Source: http://blog.vh1.com/2014-11-10/smashmarrykill-men-love-hip-hop-hollywood/

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